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​Welcome to Banh Mi Viet, Banh mi is a Vietnamese baguette that places thoughtfully combined, savory ingredients in a crisp French wrapping: the baguette. It's a delicious meal that's exotic, yet satisfying as comfort food and healthy. The Banh mi popular in the U.S. are in the style of Saigon, which is where we hail from. The beauty of the Banh mi comes from the details: earthy liver pâté, crisp pickled daikon and carrots, sprigs of fresh cilantro. Choose from main ingredients such as marinated, grilled pork patties, cured Vietnamese ham, grilled flavorful  chicken, tangy sardines or seasonal vegetables, to name a few. Stop by Banh Mi Viet for a freshly made baguette or salad to-go, or, sit for a spell and savor the tastes of Saigon in our place!


Banh Mi Viet was created by two brothers and their wives. They had this idea of mainstreaming Vietnamese sandwiches, but insisted on keeping its roots. Banh Mi takes its origin from the streets of Vietnam and has always been viewed by the Vietnamese community as an affordable delicious food. They insisted on keeping with the tradition and came up with a great concept where they could serve freshly made Banh Mi on the spot